The Holcomb Family Tree

The information on this website was provided by my Father, Joe Wade Holcomb. He acquired most of this information in the early 50's when he was auditing the City of Houston Public Library and needed something to do on his lunch hour. He has done a very thorough job and I wanted to provide this information to anyone else that might be interested. He has spent the last few years reveiwing and updating the information.

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The history is written with our descendents being in BOLD print.

Original Branch of the Family in South Carolina


The first record of Joel is a grant of land from South Carolina on January 11, 1787.  This probably indicates that he was a Revolutionary War Veteran.  He signed the deed as a resident of Pendleton District, South Carolina, on May 12, 1792.  The deed was for 320
Acres of land on a creek, on the south side of the Saluda River in that District.  On February 22, 1796, he sold this 320 acre tract to an Albert F. Smithson.  In 1797, he moved to Warren County, Kentucky, for 200 acres of second rate land, south of the Green River and was granted the land on September 20, 1801.  He then moved to New Madrid, Missouri, about 1804.  He married, probably in Granville County, North Carolina.  Several traditions of his wife indicated that she did not speak English.  She was called “that foreign woman”.  She is believed to have been a native of Holland.  They had at least eight children, but the names of only three are known.  From Granville County, he moved to St. Clair County, Illinois, about 1807, but returned to New Madrid, Missouri, about 1809, the year he died.

His children were:
                        Joel II                  -   Born in 1767?
                        Unknow               -   Unknown
                        Unknow               -   Unknown
                        John                    -   Born in 1771 or 1772
                        Unknow               -   Unknown
                        Unknow               -   Unknown
                        Unknow               -   Unknown
                        William                 -   Born in 1784



He is recorded in the 1790 census of Pendleton District, South Carolina.  He was married about 1783.  He moved to Warren County, Kentucky (along with his father's family) about 1797.  He then settled in New Madrid County, Missouri, prior to 1812.  A great earthquake in Missouri occurred (which changed the course of the Mississippi River) about that time and everybody fled Missouri.  He was then one of the founders and helped to lay out the town of Belleville in St. Clair County, Illinois. 
His children were:

                           Elizabeth              -  Born April 22, 1789 in S.C.
                           Mary                    -  Unknown in South Carolina
                           Susan                  -  Unknown in South Carolina
                          Joseph                  -  1795 in Kentucky
                          Zachariah II       -  Born in 1797?
                          Joel III                 -  Born February 22, 1797
                          Samuel                 -  Born 180? - Died age 10 to 12
                          Harman                -  Born 1803
                          John Wesley          -  Born April 15, 1807
                          Levi Garret            -  Born June 3, 1808


Zachariah moved with his family, from Kentucky to Missouri to Illinois to Missouri to Arkansas and then to Texas.  He settled in Cherokee County about 1845 (along with his brother John).   He was married to a Jane Simmon of Illinois and there were 7 children born of this union.
                                    William        -   Born 1819
                                    Lucinda       -   Unknown
                                    Mary            -   Unknown
                                    Emily           -   Unknown
                                    Harman       -    Born in 1829 in Benton County, Arkansas
                                    Joseph C.   -    Born in 1831 in Benton County, Arkansas
                                    Nancy Jane -   Unknown in Benton County, Arkansas

After the death of Jane in 1834, he married Catherine Newman on October 9, 1836.  She was born January 12, 1814, and died on September 8, 1856.  Zachariah died on August 10, 1869, and is buried in north Cherokee County Cemetery.

The following children were born of the union of Zachariah and Catherine:
                                    John W.             -  Born April 8, 1838
                                    Joel J.                -  Born May 12, 1839
                                    J. H.                  -  Born May 29, 1841
                                    S. A.                  -  Born February 28, 1843
                                    Levi Harrison      -  Born November 24, 1845 in Texas
                                    Martha Jane        -  Born August 4, 1848
                                    Andrew A.          -  Born September 28, 1850
                                    Zachariah S.        -  Born January 1, 1853
                                    Mary Catherine  -   Born September 15, 1854